Empower your kids to love coding

MaKaboom’s commitment to make world a better place

We believe that a coding/making education is a powerful leverage to transform kids’ lives and the communities they live in. We make an effort to reach out to kids who are not as fortunate as us and provide them with opportunity to learn this vast world of coding/making. We believe that all children should benefit from the fast advancing technology and the opportunities it presents.


Stimulate kids’ imagination through

1) diverse STEM-combined coding projects;

2) experiences of collaboration and competition powered by SMILE (Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment)


Learn by doing. Hands on projects-based class experiences will help students to become immersed in what they learn.


Introduce kids to coding and empower them for the future. Coding develops critical thinking perspectives and problem solving skills. Children will have the skills to apply many abstract concepts.



Classes at our learning center is self-paced and small group (maximum 1:4 ratio). Courses are offered from the entry level to advanced for 1st to 12th graders.

After school

We bring coding classes to your school. We work with a number of public and private schools to ensure kids can take high quality coding classes as part of the after school program.


Best camp experience with tested and proven programming/making projects. Professional and caring teachers help kids learn, build, and code together.


"My 12-year old boy was introduced to coding through MaKaboom. I was worried that many of his friends have already been introduced to coding. But my son learned so much quickly and now competes in the robotics team. He loves coding and enjoys discussing about what he can do with what he learned..."

"Both my girls have come to the coding classes for the past years. They love their teachers. They are also a mentor which serves a greater purpose. I loved that I am always informed on what’s done in the class and satisfied with the quality of instruction."

"We introduced programming to our daughter several times, but she never liked it. Their coding workshop combines programming with storymaking, fashion, art, math and it finally got her interested. She made LED powered journal cover, programmed music, and have done many interesting projects. I can’t ask for more!"



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