In the future, many technologies and entire industries will change in unimaginable ways. Growing our children's abilities to adapt to new technologies and instilling a passion to make their ideas into reality; that is the key to prepare for the unknown future.


Robotics integrates all STEM fields - electronics, mechanics, math, computer science and more. The sense of accomplishment from making experiences boosts our children’s self-esteem and will equip them with strong and positive attitudes towards life’s challenges.


Coding is an essential life skill our children should have in the fast changing world. Coding develops critical thinking perspectives and problem solving skills. Children will have the skills to apply many abstract concepts to develop their ideas.

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 MaKaboom’s commitment to make world a better place

We believe that a coding/making education is a powerful leverage to transform kids’ lives and the communities they live in. We make an effort to reach out to kids who are not as fortunate as us and provide them with opportunity to learn this vast world of coding/making.  We believe that all children should benefit from the fast advancing technology and the opportunities it presents.

1. We provide training to local/global non-profit organizations to run our workshops locally and globally to reach out to kids who do not have opportunity to learn it.

2. We continuously invest in programs we will provide to children in impoverished neighborhoods.

3. We create volunteer opportunities for MaKaKids so they can broaden their perspective and challenge themselves to think globally.
4. We will take donations (LEGO®, tech toys, old cellphones, notebooks, etc.) and send them to Tanzania.

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Sawyer studied industrial engineering in Seoul National University and worked in the banking industry for more than a decade. In doing so, she realized the importance of business as a place for individuals to maximize their creativity and ability. Her vision is to raise good businesses and aiding them onward.


Co-founder & CEO

Joshua has been a maker-at-heart throughout the years, as a founding staff of Cal Poly Robotics club and a teacher for various robotics workshops. He has been leading technical escalation teams in one of the fastest growing companies and a big corporation in Silicon Valley.


Co-founder & CTO

David worked at various Silicon Valley IT companies such as Yahoo and Groupon as well as a small start-ups for over 17 years. He graduated from University of California, Los Angeles majoring in Linguistics and Computer Science.


Co-founder & Chief Educator

Andre recently graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Computer Science. He aspires to pursue a career that combines positive social change and technology. He believes technology is the key to making a global impact.



Kathryn took up Computer Science in college, but later got some Education units because of her love of kids. In the past years, she has been alternating between programming and teaching/tutoring and is now in the process of merging the two.



Joy studied Computer Science in Handong Global University.
She is dreaming of a world where every kids can create their own magical world by coding.
"Put codes together and what have you got! Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!"


Curriculum Manager

Tony is a student at UC Santa Cruz, where he studies Computer Science and Film. He brings his coding skills in imparting knowledge on students, and his film skills to create short videos for MaKaboom.


Curriculum Manager

Branden is a student at San Jose State University working towards a degree in Software Engineering. He aims towards a career in the video game development industry and hoping that one day he will successfully code his own video game.



Linda is Computer Engineering student at San Jose State University. She believes coding knowledge allows people to channel their creativity into projects that can benefit and connect many communities around the globe.



Jay loves making things with LEGO. He also loves cars, robots, and games like Minecraft and Roblox. He has helped a lot for the team to set up the business.


Technical and Operations Advisor