We believe that all children should benefit from the fast advancing technology and the opportunities it presents.

Team MaKaboom

Experiences shape us. Looking back to our lives, we learn new things, apply and making them, use them, receive feedbacks, iterate and improve on. Through these processes we have grown thus far both personally and in our workplaces. The most efficient way to prepare for our children who would have to live in the fast-changing future scene is to help them to acquire the joy of learning so they'd enjoy learning throughout their lives as well as helping them shape them to be extra sensitive to kinds of problems we face in real lives, suggest improvements, communicate continuously with other people, and to collaborate together through cooperation and competitions. Education in coding makes this possible in a most effective manner. As the importance of coding education is being more so emphasized, the frustration of where to begin as a parent can sometimes hold us back. If you're an educator, you may share a similar concern how to combine coding education in the school setting effectively. The vision of Makaboom is to lower the entry point of coding education and help children to find out about the joy of coding as a life skill through practical and hands-on projects.

MaKaboom’s commitment to make world a better place

We believe that a coding/making education is a powerful leverage to transform kids’ lives and the communities they live in. We make great efforts to reach out to kids who are not as fortunate as many others and provide them with opportunity to learn this vast world of coding/making. We believe that all children should benefit from the fast advancing technology and the opportunities it presents.

1. We provide training to local/global non-profit organizations to run our workshops locally and globally to reach out to kids who do not have opportunity to learn.
2. We continuously invest in programs we will provide to children in impoverished neighborhoods.
3. We create volunteer opportunities for students so they can broaden their perspective and challenge themselves to think globally.
4. We will take donations (LEGO®, tech toys, old cellphones, notebooks, etc.) and send them to Tanzania.



Co-founder and CEO

Sawyer studied industrial engineering in Seoul National University and worked in the banking industry for more than a decade. In doing so, she realized the importance of business as a place for individuals to maximize their creativity and ability. Her vision is to raise good businesses and aiding them onward.

Co-founder and CTO

Joshua has been a maker-at-heart throughout the years, as a founding staff of Cal Poly Robotics club and a teacher for various robotics workshops. He has been leading technical escalation teams in one of the fastest growing companies and a big corporation in Silicon Valley.

Co-found and Chief Educator

David worked at various Silicon Valley IT companies such as Yahoo and Groupon as well as a small start-ups for over 17 years. He graduated from University of California, Los Angeles majoring in Linguistics and Computer Science.

SC Team Lead

Kathryn took up Computer Science in college, but later got some Education units because of her love of kids. In the past years, she has been alternating between programming and teaching/tutoring and is now in the process of merging the two.

Curriculum Manager

Joy studied Computer Science in Handong Global University. She is dreaming of a world where every kids can create their own magical world by coding. "Put codes together and what have you got! Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!"