We offer a full computer science curriculum for students ages 6 to 18. Fun and engaging project-based projects designed to empower students to leverage coding skills in exploring their interested fields. Our entry level students start with block programming & robotics and progresses into Java, Javascript, Python, robotC and more. Most advanced students enroll in AP Computer Science Prep, or Robotics Competition Team.

Center Class

Personalized learning experience with the help of our learning system and onsite teaching staff with quality support.
Please sign up for a free trial class for assessment and track recommendation..

After School

All year-round program at our partner schools. Let kids learn coding through robotics and game making projects in the class held at their home school. Contact us if you want us to offer classes at your school.


Perfect opportunity to introduce new field & immerse kids in the experience. We offer variety of subjects and quality experience you can’t have at other coding schools!